Your Personal Travel Concierge is here.

Introducing Secy.

Its here to book flights, hotels, cabs & experiences. No need to worry about managing delays, checkins, communication, approvals or reimbursements.

Interested in simplifying travel? Go ahead - join us.

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Secy is your personal travel concierge

Manage Iteniraries

Once it figures out where you want to go, it will automatically draw up the most suitable options basis any policies you might have setup (or not), and help you with multiple options. No more back and forth.

Action bookings

Secy will auto book your selected itinerary and always notify you about the various steps you need to take. Think of a guide who helps you along every step of the way - be it flights, hotels, cabs or more. Headache managed.

Enhanced Experience

No more checking the time to the airport, or worrying about checkins etc. Secy has your back and will prompt you to take the relevant action at the right time. The right seat, or your FF number - they will always be there.

Ease of access

No separate application here. Secy will chat with you over Telegram, Slack, Teams, Zippi or your own chatbot. Voice is coming soon - so that you can talk directly to it, without having to even type anything.

Personal experience.
Professional management.

Whether you are a company or an individual - Secy can support both seamlessly. As a company - think of Secy as the personal travel concierge for your employees that keeps in mind the companies interests without compromising on the employee experience. Be it approval workflows, reports or policies that need to be enacted - Secy manages everything seamlessly.

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How to use Secy

Secy is avaliable on following mediums, Please move forward and appoint your personal travel assistant.